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Attention Users, this Wiki will be closing in the near future.
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Welcome to the LEGO Ideas Wiki!

Welcome to the LEGO Ideas Wiki! This wiki is all about LEGO Ideas! This wiki is fan supported, fan updated and has no direct affiliation with The LEGO Group (a.k.a. LEGO, TLG).
LEGO Ideas is LEGO's official crowdsourcing platform website. On the site, people may submit ideas for new LEGO sets. Other users may "support" the project. If 10,000 users support a given project within a year, The LEGO Group will review the project. If LEGO likes the idea then they will create their own version of the project using TLG design standards and then produce it as an official LEGO set or product. For more detailed information check this article: LEGO Ideas. We also store data about LEGO Idea's predecessor, LEGO CUUSOO, an expired affiliation between The LEGO Group and CUUSOO System.

Featured Project

Mount Rushmore is an Ideas project created by saabfan. It is based on the Mount Rushmore memorial in South Dakota.

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